Stephanie Modell

Sleep Consultancy

Understanding sleep and sleep cycles is essential if you would like your baby to sleep through the night. A good night’s sleep and regular daytime naps are fundamental for the physical and psychological development of your child. A baby needs to fall asleep and stay asleep on their own . I can show you how to establish and sustain good sleep patterns that will stay with your child for life. Common sleep problems can include associations i.e. a baby may have learnt to only fall asleep on the breast or when bottle feeding or may only be able to sleep when being rocked. Maybe your baby wakes regularly during the night and needs help to get back to sleep causing you sleep deprivation. The earlier you understand positive sleep patterns the less likely you are to experience problems.

I offer a variety of packages and consultations and genuinely feel that this is an area where parents need to gain knowledge early on in order to avoid problems which can effect behaviour, feeding and general well being for both baby and parent. One of the reasons I decided to specialise in sleep work is because of the vast variety of books available on the subject many of which are contradictory and confusing for parents. I have therefore written my own book, 'The Baby Sleep Guide' providing guidance on establishing positive sleep habits early on and written in a deliberately concise way for time-poor parents. It is available on and at all good book stores.

I have helped and supported countless families and my methods are based on over 30 years of professional experience enhanced by further training with the well established Mill Pond Sleep Clinic in London and my personal experience as a mother of triplets. I place much emphasis on understanding your personal parenting style and will offer a bespoke sleep plan that you feel comfortable with.


Teach Your Baby To Sleep - Young Baby Sleep Consultation (from birth to 4 months)

Establishing good sleep habits early on is one of the most positive things you can do as a new parent. This one off consultation will give you knowledge to help you to understand how your baby sleeps, their sleep cycles and natural sleep  patterns. Whilst I would not expect babies under four months to sleep right through the night (although, many do!), understanding and encouraging a positive routine early on will help you to avoid teaching negative sleep habits which are difficult to change later on. Highly recommended for new parents, either during pregnancy or in the early post natal weeks and an ideal gift package.

Approximate 60-90 minute home visit or telephone consultation.

£95.00 – Personal family consultation (includes a complimentary copy of my book, 'The Baby Sleep Guide')

Group consultation - £20 per person: Ideal for small NCT groups or groups of friends (minimum 4 people, travelling expenses extra)

Sleep Consultation (4 months+)

This is a one off individual consultation for parent’s experiencing difficulties and needing guidance. I will ask you to complete a sleep diary and send me full details about your baby's health and sleep habits before we meet. At our consultation we will discuss your baby’s sleep patterns, routines and discuss solutions and strategies that you feel comfortable with. I will then follow this up with a tailored sleep plan for you to follow independently.

Approximate 1-1.5 hour home visit if you live locally or a telephone or Skype consultation.


Sleep Consultation Plus

This is exactly the same as the above package but with an additional 2 telephone or email consultations for the next 2 consecutive weeks to support and guide you through your sleep teaching programme.


Sleep Programme with on-going support

Does your baby:

  •  Need to be rocked to sleep?
  •  Need to fall asleep whilst being breast or bottle fed?
  •  Wake regularly during the night?
  •  Wake for regular night feeds when over 6 months old?
  •  Find difficulty settling in their cot or prefers the parental bed?

This is a programme designed for families with babies over 6 months old who are experiencing regular waking and sleep difficulties and generally need support to make real changes. Following your initial enquiry I will ask you to keep a sleep diary over the course of a week and complete a questionnaire. Following this I will arrange a consultation either in person or by telephone, usually 1 - 1.5 hours. I will provide a tailored sleep programme specific to your baby and provide on -going support by telephone or email during the course of your programme (up to 4 weeks) followed by a further telephone or email consultation within a month of completion, if required.


Phone Consultations

If you would like some general advice and guidance about your child's sleep or have specific questions you would like to discuss, I offer 45 minute phone consultations.



In addition to the above packages, I can offer sleep solutions with overnight support at an additional £20 per hour..

(Prices are for visits within a 10 mile radius of Nutbourne, (near Emsworth), West Sussex. There will be a charge outside of this area.)